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                After 20 years of development and expansion by committing to R&D and manufacturing of high-end denim fabrics, 

                SEAZON has established its leading position in the domestic enterprise. As a successful example of an upgrading and 

                restructuring textile company, SEAZON can be described using: Three Highs, One Low, and One Excellent.

                1. High-end equipment providing a rapidly developing foundation.

                2. High-quality products that are leading today's denim fashion trends. 

                3. Highly efficient market expansion.

                4. Low pollution and emissions production to ensure sustainability of development 

                  and expansion of a socially responsible company.

                5. Excellent working environment and living conditions reflects the caring corporate culture of 

                  SEAZON ensuring the long term development of the company.

                From quality to brand, brand to grade, production to culture, and from culture to social responsibility, 

                SEAZON is committed to building the cleanest and most comfortable denim fabric manufacturing enterprise. As a 

                successful example of transforming from a traditional textile company to a modern enterprise, SEAZON is building 

                its success on quality, customer focus, being people-oriented, and using sustainable development. 


                President:Jun Fang

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